Google Cloud offers Active Defense to its customers through a partnership with Acalvio [2]. This collaboration enables organizations to detect and respond to malicious activity in both cloud and on-premises networks [1] [2].


Acalvio’s Active Defense platform [1] [2], built on autonomous deception technology [1] [2], utilizes decoys, false credentials [1] [2], and tripwires to misdirect attackers and generate high-fidelity alerts [1] [2]. This platform [1] [2], integrated with Google Cloud [1] [2], provides enterprise-scale distributed deception [1].

The ShadowPlex service [1] [2], running on Google Cloud [1] [2], works in conjunction with projection sensors deployed in customer workloads. These lightweight sensors are installed in the network to enable decoy projection. Additionally, the ShadowPlex service supports remote computers not directly connected to the network [1].

Google Cloud’s elasticity allows for the deployment of thousands of deceptions, while Acalvio’s Fluid Deception technology ensures safe engagement with attacks [1]. The integration of ShadowPlex with Google Cloud Security Command Center and Chronicle Security Operations enhances the overall security infrastructure. Furthermore, the platform leverages other Google Cloud services for internal operations [2].

Acalvio’s Active Defense is available in the Google Cloud Marketplace [1], extending security to customers’ on-premises infrastructure [2].


By leveraging Acalvio’s Active Defense platform on Google Cloud, organizations can effectively detect and respond to malicious activity [1] [2]. This partnership provides a comprehensive solution that enhances security measures and protects both cloud and on-premises networks. As technology continues to evolve, the collaboration between Google Cloud and Acalvio sets the stage for future advancements in active defense strategies.