French security researchers from Synacktiv made headlines at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024 by successfully exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the Tesla Model 3’s ECU [1].


By leveraging a single integer overflow [2] [3], they were able to take control of the Vehicle CAN BUS, a crucial communication protocol for car ECUs [3]. This impressive feat earned them a new Tesla Model 3, $200,000 in cash, and 20 Master of Pwn points [2] [3]. The competition featured participants uncovering zero-day vulnerabilities in various products [1], resulting in a total of $1.3m in cash and prizes being awarded over the course of the three-day event. Synacktiv’s demonstration underscores the importance of fortifying vehicle systems against cyber threats, building on their track record of successful hacks on Tesla vehicles.


This demonstration highlights the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in vehicle systems to protect against cyber threats. It serves as a reminder for automakers to continuously strengthen their security protocols and defenses to safeguard against potential vulnerabilities. The success of Synacktiv at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2024 also raises awareness about the importance of proactive cybersecurity practices in the automotive industry, paving the way for enhanced security standards and measures in the future.