ESO Solutions [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], a Texas-based software development company, is currently under investigation for a recent data breach. This breach, which occurred in late September 2023 [4], involved sensitive personal identifiable information and protected health information of approximately 2.7 million individuals [3].


ESO Solutions specializes in providing software and data solutions to healthcare and public safety organizations, including hospitals [1], EMS [4], and firefighters [4]. On September 28, 2023 [1] [3], it was discovered that an unauthorized actor gained access to their system through a ransomware attack that began on September 17, 2023. ESO Solutions promptly detected and stopped the breach, and they were able to restore their systems using backups. It is unclear if they paid to secure the deletion of the impacted data [5]. The FBI and state police have been notified [4], and affected individuals have been offered identity monitoring services [4]. No hackers have claimed responsibility for the attack yet [4]. ESO Solutions is currently working with federal law enforcement to investigate the incident [5].


As a result of this data breach, approximately 2.7 million individuals’ sensitive information, including names [1] [2] [5], Social Security numbers [1] [2] [4], dates of birth [1] [2], injury types [2], injury dates [2], treatment dates [2], and treatment types [2], has been compromised [1]. ESO Solutions has taken steps to mitigate the breach, including notifying affected individuals and working with law enforcement. However, the breach puts patients at risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activities [1]. It is important for affected individuals to take measures to protect themselves. The investigation into this incident will have implications for cybersecurity practices and the protection of personal information in the future.