A new trend in DevSecOps practices is emerging, focusing on integrating security into the development and release process to align with DevOps workflows.


This shift requires organizations to adapt their application security practices to technologies like continuous delivery pipelines and cloud-native development platforms [2]. Security teams are now providing tooling that guides developers in real time to address security issues proactively [2]. While the myth of shared security responsibility persists [2], security teams still own security while developers play a role [2]. Development platforms with built-in security features are rising [2], but organizations must find a balance between lightweight security analysis and comprehensive AppSec tooling [2]. The AppSec vendor market is evolving to offer tooling that provides a comprehensive view and stays current with modern development advancements [2]. DevSecOps emphasizes security at all stages of the software lifecycle [1], involving the security team throughout the development process to identify and resolve vulnerabilities earlier. Continuous automated security checks [1], gates in the CI/CD pipeline [1], and automated testing for security on code dependencies help detect vulnerabilities quickly [1]. Automating actions with scripting [1], APIs [1], and CI plugins simplifies and streamlines security practices [1], providing value for developers [1]. The age of DevSecOps requires developers to embrace DevOps practices [2], security teams to adapt to development processes [2], and organizations to strike a balance between speed and security [2].


As organizations continue to adopt DevSecOps practices, the integration of security into the development process will become increasingly crucial. By prioritizing security at all stages of the software lifecycle and leveraging automated tools and processes, organizations can mitigate risks and ensure the security of their applications. Moving forward, it will be essential for organizations to stay current with evolving technologies and security practices to effectively address the challenges of the modern development landscape.


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