Kaspersky’s recent cybersecurity report highlights a significant increase in daily cyber-threats targeting Microsoft Office and PDF files [4]. This rise is associated with a surge in phishing attacks that use deceptive PDF files to extract sensitive data [3]. Trojans remain the most prevalent malware [4], but there has been a substantial increase in backdoor usage [4], posing a greater threat of cybercriminals gaining remote control over victims’ systems [3] [4]. Windows remains the top target for cybercriminals [2], representing 88% of all malware detected [2].


Kaspersky’s detection systems detected an average of 411,000 malicious files per day [1] [5], indicating a 3% increase compared to the previous year [1] [3]. The report also reveals a shift towards more dangerous tactics, with attackers increasingly using backdoors to infiltrate systems undetected [1] [5]. These insights emphasize the evolving cyber-threat landscape and the need for reliable security solutions [3] [4].


The increasing number of cyber-threats targeting Microsoft Office and PDF files, along with the rise in phishing attacks and backdoor usage, highlights the need for heightened vigilance and reliable security solutions. Users are advised to avoid untrusted app sources, refrain from clicking on dubious links [3] [4], and create strong [3] [4], unique passwords with two-factor authentication [3] [4]. Regular updates are crucial [4], and messages prompting security system disablement should be ignored [4]. It is clear that the cyber-threat landscape is evolving, and staying informed and proactive is essential to protect against these threats in the future.


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