In 2023, Kaspersky’s research uncovered a significant increase in Android malware and cyber threats, with nearly 33.8 million attacks detected globally [1] [3] [4].


The UK experienced 258,959 mobile attacks during the same period [3], with adware being the most prevalent threat at 40.8% of all identified threats [3]. While there was a decrease in banking Trojan installation packages [3], attacks using mobile bankers remained steady [1] [3], with over 1.3 million malicious installation packages discovered [3]. Cybercriminals are utilizing various tactics to distribute mobile threats [3], infiltrating both official and unofficial app stores [2] [3]. Malicious applications were even found on Google Play [3], with fake investment apps and WhatsApp/Telegram mods being common disguises [1] [2] [3]. This surge in Android malware and riskware activity in 2023 underscores the importance of users remaining vigilant and implementing robust security measures [2] [3]. Kaspersky recommends downloading apps solely from official stores [3], carefully reviewing app permissions, utilizing reliable security solutions [3], and regularly updating operating systems and essential apps [3].


The alarming increase in Android malware and riskware activity in 2023 highlights the critical need for users to stay alert and take proactive steps to protect themselves. By following Kaspersky’s recommendations and adopting strong security practices, users can mitigate the risks posed by cyber threats and safeguard their devices and personal information in the future.