The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released an Open Source Software Security Roadmap to enhance open source security and address vulnerabilities in open source components. This initiative aligns with the National Cybersecurity Strategy and the CISA Cybersecurity Strategic Plan [4], demonstrating a unified approach [3].


The Open Source Software Security Roadmap outlines CISA’s plans to improve open source security by addressing vulnerabilities and supply chain attacks. It focuses on supporting the open source software community [8], increasing visibility into open source software usage [8], reducing risks to the government [1] [6] [8] [9], and improving overall cybersecurity [8].

CISA aims to enhance coordination between the private sector and government to track and respond to vulnerabilities in open-source software. The agency’s goals include building relationships with the open-source community [2], improving visibility of risky code in federal networks [2], developing shared services for open-source developers [2], and applying hardening principles to the open-source space [2]. To achieve these goals, CISA will focus on improving developer education, providing security guidance [1], encouraging vulnerability disclosure and response [1], and promoting the use of a software bill of materials in supply chains [1].

CISA plans to establish a real-time collaboration center and a security working group [2]. The roadmap involves partnerships with federal agencies [4], OSS consumers [4], and the OSS community [4]. Additionally, CISA plans to partner with open source software communities [9], collaborate with international partners [9], prioritize open source projects [9], develop best practices for open source program offices [9], and advance software bills of materials [1] [5] [9]. Guidance on open source software security usage best practices will be published by CISA.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recognizes the benefits of open source software and aims to bolster security in the federal government by leveraging its advantages. The roadmap aligns with the ongoing efforts of the Open Source Security Foundation [2].


CISA’s Open Source Software Security Roadmap strengthens security within the federal government’s open-source software ecosystem [5]. It forms partnerships, expands collaborations [7], and develops a framework for prioritizing open-source software risks [5]. Risk assessments of open-source projects will be conducted, and guidance on establishing open source program offices will be provided [5]. Additionally, CISA is committed to advancing software bills of materials (SBOMs) and disseminating best practices for open-source software security usage [5]. The summit organized by the Open Source Security Foundation further highlights the importance of addressing security vulnerabilities in the open-source community.