Cencora Inc [1] [2] [4] [5] [6], a prominent pharmaceutical services provider, recently disclosed a cybersecurity incident involving unauthorized access and data theft from its corporate IT systems.


Cencora Inc [1] [2] [4] [5] [6], formerly known as AmerisourceBergen [2] [6], reported a cybersecurity breach on February 21, 2024. The breach potentially compromised personal information and is currently under investigation with the assistance of law enforcement, cybersecurity experts [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6], and external counsel [1] [3] [5]. Steps have been taken to secure systems [6], and data breach notification letters are being sent to affected individuals. The breach has been contained, with minimal impact on operations, but the financial implications are uncertain. Cencora [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6], with a reported revenue of $262.2 billion in fiscal year 2023 and approximately 46,000 employees [3], has confirmed that the incident is separate from the Optum Change Healthcare cyber attack [2]. The identity of the perpetrators remains undisclosed [2], and updates on the investigation will be provided as required by regulatory standards.


The cybersecurity incident at Cencora Inc has raised concerns about data security and privacy. While the breach has been contained, the financial implications are still unclear. Moving forward, it is crucial for Cencora to continue strengthening its cybersecurity measures to prevent future incidents and protect sensitive information.


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