AlphaLock is a hacker group that offers pentesting training services and operates the ALPentest Hacking Marketplace. They have gained attention in the cybersecurity community for their ability to mobilize hackers and sell penetration testing services [1], which poses a threat to organizations’ security systems [1].


AlphaLock provides pentesting training services through online courses [2], including the Bazooka Code course priced at $185. Their business model consists of two parts: training courses and the ALPentest Hacking Marketplace. In this marketplace, threat actors can purchase pentesting services targeted at specific organizations [2]. Initially, AlphaLock shared information on their operations through their Telegram channel [1], but it has since become private [1]. They are now active on various platforms, such as Matrix and the dark web forum XSS.

To enhance their services, AlphaLock is developing a platform where clients can track the progress of pen testers and request specific targets for testing [2]. They plan to move this platform to the chat application Matrix to accommodate increased attention. Additionally, AlphaLock has announced plans to launch a YouTube channel and is inviting interested individuals to submit their portfolios.


The emergence of AlphaLock has raised concerns in the cybersecurity community [1]. Their ability to mobilize hackers for selling penetration testing services poses a significant threat to organizations’ security systems [1]. It is crucial for organizations to be aware of this group and take necessary measures to protect their systems. The future implications of AlphaLock’s activities remain uncertain, but it is evident that their presence in the cybersecurity landscape demands attention and proactive measures to mitigate potential risks.