Thales Acquires Imperva for $3.6 Billion to Strengthen Cybersecurity Capabilities

Thales [1] [2] [3] [4], a French multinational company operating in aerospace [2], defense [1], and transportation [1], has been actively expanding its cybersecurity capabilities through strategic acquisitions. Their latest move involves the acquisition of US-based cybersecurity company Imperva for $3.6 billion, which will allow Thales to enter the application security market and strengthen its position in the cybersecurity sector.


Thales has been steadily expanding its cybersecurity business through strategic acquisitions. In addition to previous acquisitions of Voremetric, Gemalto [1], S21sec [1] [3], Excellium [1] [3], and Tesserent [1], Thales has recently announced its plans to acquire Imperva [1] [2] [3] [4]. This acquisition will enable Thales to enter the application security market and create a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

Imperva, a leader in protecting critical applications [4], APIs [4], and data [1] [4], has over $500 million in revenue and 1,400 employees [4]. Thales estimates that the acquisition will add approximately $500 million in revenue and generate $110 million in pre-tax synergies [4]. The deal is set to close in 2024 [3], pending approvals [3].

Thales’ chairman and CEO [1], Patrice Caine [1], is confident that this acquisition will enhance their cybersecurity revenue and overall business growth. As part of their long-term strategy, Thales plans to regroup all its civil cyber activities within its Digital Identity & Security segment starting in 2024 [3].


The acquisition of Imperva by Thales will significantly strengthen Thales’ position in the cybersecurity sector and allow them to expand their cybersecurity business. With Imperva’s expertise in data and application security, Thales aims to create a comprehensive portfolio of products and services [3]. This move not only enhances Thales’ cybersecurity revenue but also positions them for future growth in the industry.




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