VMware Patches Flaw Exposing Admin Credentials in Tanzu Application Service for VMs

VMware has addressed an information disclosure vulnerability, CVE-2023-20891 [1] [3] [4], affecting its Tanzu Application Service for VMs and Isolation Segment products [1] [4]. This vulnerability allows remote attackers with low privileges to gain access to Cloud Foundry (CF) API admin credentials on unpatched systems [3].


The vulnerability stems from the logging of credentials in hex encoding in the platform system audit logs [1] [2] [4]. By extracting the hex-encoded CF API admin credentials from these logs, a malicious non-admin user could potentially compromise the entire system’s security by pushing malicious versions of applications. It is important to note that non-admin users typically do not have access to these logs in a default deployment, which mitigates some of the risks.

VMware recommends affected users to rotate their CF API admin credentials as a precautionary measure [3]. They provide a guide on changing the credentials [3], but caution that it is not officially supported [3]. Additionally, VMware has addressed other security bugs in the past month [3].


To protect against this vulnerability, users are advised to apply the patches released by VMware and rotate their CF API admin credentials [1] [4]. This vulnerability has been classified as “Moderate” with a CVSS v3 base score of 6.5. It is crucial for affected users to take these precautions to safeguard their systems and prevent potential unauthorized access.


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