1Kosmos has introduced a new feature for its BlockID platform that allows organizations to seamlessly extend web-based identity proofing sessions to users’ mobile devices. This feature eliminates the need for a separate application and provides a frictionless user experience.


With this new capability, users can easily scan government issued documents using their mobile device camera, without the need for additional apps. The platform enables document verification and validation, ensuring the authenticity of government identity documents [1] [2] [3]. To further enhance security, users are prompted to take a live selfie for additional verification. This app-less experience offers flexibility for organizations to embed and customize document-based identity proofing across various platforms and user journeys [3]. The platform also supports integration with third-party providers for document and data validation [2], and administrators can review the verification results [2]. Additionally, it ensures compliance with identity assurance level (IAL) requirements [4]. These capabilities are immediately available in the 1Kosmos BlockID platform, which prioritizes privacy through its design architecture.


This new capability from 1Kosmos has significant implications for organizations seeking to enhance their identity proofing processes. By seamlessly integrating web-based identity proofing with mobile device scanning, organizations can provide a more convenient and secure user experience. The ability to customize and embed document-based identity proofing across platforms and user journeys adds further flexibility. Integration with third-party providers and compliance with IAL requirements ensure the accuracy and reliability of document verification. This advancement in identity proofing technology sets the stage for future innovations in the field.


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