Instagram Implements Feature to Label AI-Generated Content

Instagram [1] [2] is taking steps to enhance web safety by implementing a feature that labels social media posts created by artificial intelligence (AI) as “AI-generated content.” This move aims to distinguish between authentic and artificially generated media, addressing concerns about deepfakes and AI-authored media being used for abuse.


Instagram, the popular social media platform, is reportedly developing a new feature to label posts that have been created using AI. This discovery was made by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi [1]. The parent company of Instagram, Meta [1] [2], along with other major tech companies, has made voluntary commitments to secure AI. The goal is to help people differentiate between AI-generated and non-AI-generated content [1], as AI-authored media and deepfakes pose potential threats. The FBI has even issued an alert about cybercriminals using fake social media posts for extortion [1].

While current security tools have a high success rate in detecting AI-generated content [1], cybercriminals are finding ways to evade these protections [1]. Therefore [1], it is crucial to provide users with the means to identify AI-generated content and mitigate the various threats posed by AI. Instagram’s new feature will include notices that indicate when AI has been used to create or edit content on the platform. A screenshot shared by Alessandro Paluzzi shows a page in the Instagram app that states, “the creator or Meta said that this content was created or edited with AI.” The notice will also provide a brief description of generative AI and guidance on how to identify posts that use AI.

It remains unclear how automated Instagram’s labeling system will be and whether it will rely on user disclosure [2]. Meta declined to comment on the notice [2], leaving room for speculation on the specifics of the feature.


This move by Instagram towards transparency in media is seen as positive and important for integrating AI responsibly into our daily lives [1]. By distinguishing between AI-generated and non-AI-generated content [1], users can better understand the origin and potential risks associated with the media they consume. This step is crucial in combating the misuse of AI and protecting individuals from cybercriminals who exploit fake social media posts. As technology continues to advance, it is essential for platforms like Instagram to stay vigilant and adapt their security measures to address emerging threats.