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Dr Nicholas Allott

Nick is CEO and Co-Founder of NquiringMinds, a broad technologist he has held various executive and consultancy positions. Nick is a visiting professor at the University of Southampton.

Anita Allott

Anita is Director of Economics and Strategy with previous roles at Roke, Siemens, PriceWaterhouse, and CIMA. She studied Economics at Nottingham University, holds an MBA from Henley, and has a large body of published work.

Dr Alexandru Mereacre

Alexandru is a senior software developer working on industrial and consumer applications. He had experience working with embedded systems and IoT. Currently he specialises in software and hardware security for Industry 4.0 and healthcare.

Dr John Manslow

John has more than 20 years of experience producing commercial software based on machine learning and adaptive systems technologies in applications as diverse as commercial credit scoring, radioisotope detection and identification, user experience optimisation, fraud detection and videogames.

Toby Ealden

Toby is a developer with over 15 years experience building apps for desktop, web, and mobile using C++ and C#, .NET and all web technologies.

Hannah Dalton

Hannah has a background in environmental monitoring and assessment and has been successfully managing projects in a variety of sectors for over 25 years. Hannah is a Chartered Scientist and has a first class degree in Physics from Nottingham University.

Alois Klink

Alois is a computer scientist and researcher, specialising in embedded device development and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked on a broad range of projects, from computer vision to robotics and network protocols.

Dr Ashley Setter

Ash is a specialist in modelling physical phenomenon and control systems, he has experience programming in Python and C, and working with FPGAs using VHDL.

Anthony McCaigue

Ant has a very strong background in mathematics, his skill set enables him to implement machine learning algorithms and logic when it comes to complex problems, as well as designing and creating intricate UI / UX.

Natasha Allott

Natasha is a qualified Physiotherapist and has worked extensively in hospitals across Wales and London in intensive care and across Physiotherapy domains. She is currently completing her PhD in biomechanics and data-driven diagnostic innovation at Imperial College London alongside assisting the development of AI driven clinical innovation at NquiringMinds.

Suzanne Gamon

Suzanne graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Bristol. She has successfully managed businesses throughout her career and in her spare time, volunteers with the Guide Dogs Service. Suzanne speaks fluent German and oversees the running of the Southampton office at NquiringMinds.