end-to-end system to detect and protect against IOT security threats

The IOT security threat is pervasive and rapidly evolving. A pragmatic defensive strategy needs to adopt sophisticated analytical techniques to identify threats early. A comprehensive solution needs to embody security best practice and encourage collaborative data sharing of threat intelligence.

Autonomous Cyber Defender detects and protects against IOT security threats. Built on NQMs TDX-Edge router platform it uses a mixture of collaborative data sharing and advanced cognitive analytics to intelligently and autonomously calibrate and act on existing security threats. TDX-Edge is next generation router technology with advanced Cyber defence capabilities. This technology can be integrated with pre-existing routers or supplied as an integrated hardware solution

standards compliance

NquiringMinds are actively participating in the ManySecured Initiative, which is defining interoperable standards for sharing IOT security data. TDX Cybner is the preeminent reference implementation of these standards. We are also active contributors to a number of open source projects that complement these activities.

core benefits


Monitor security relevant activity across multiple router instances.

Dynamic, contextually enhanced inventory

understand whats on your network.


Support IP and Non-IP heterogeneous networking.

Data sharing

implements multiple workflows for dynamically sharing threat intelligence both within and across organisations.

Zero trust

Embodies Zero trust principles.

Data source

integrates multiple IOT data source and threat intelligence.

Cognitive inferencing model

intelligently and continuously identify and assess security threats.


TDX Cyber can be deployed in a number of different configurations.

  • TDX-Edge (software): the cyber defence middleware is installed as a software image on pre-existing routers and devices
  • TDX-Edge (hardware): the full appliance is provided, pre integrated with well known hardware modules. This can be further hardened with custom hardware integration (secure boot, secure storage and secure processing)
  • TDX-Cloud (public): the cloud processing elements can be provided on public cloud installations (AWS, Azure etc)
  • TDX-Cloud (private): the cloud processing elements are provisioned on the customers in house technology