Poland’s new government is conducting a thorough investigation into allegations that the previous administration misused the Pegasus spyware to monitor political opponents [1].


Polish prosecutors have confiscated Pegasus spyware systems from a government agency in Warsaw and are examining their functionality and legality [2]. The Justice Minister revealed that nearly 600 opposition figures and their associates were targeted, with plans to inform an additional 30 individuals. The NSO Group [2], the Israeli company responsible for Pegasus, is facing legal action from Apple and WhatsApp for facilitating surveillance on users. The former Polish government is accused of exploiting Pegasus to spy on opposition politicians [2], with a special commission uncovering serious breaches of constitutional standards in the hacking of an opposition leader in 2019, leading to concerns about the fairness of elections. The new coalition government is expected to present a comprehensive report to parliament on the matter [1]. Pegasus was reportedly used in Poland in an exceptionally aggressive manner, as stated by the Pegasus Surveillance Committee Chairman.


The misuse of Pegasus spyware in Poland has raised significant concerns about privacy, democracy, and the rule of law. It is crucial for the government to address these issues transparently and take appropriate measures to prevent such abuses in the future. The legal challenges faced by the NSO Group underscore the need for stricter regulations on surveillance technologies to protect individuals’ rights and ensure accountability. Moving forward, it is essential for Poland to uphold democratic principles and safeguard against any further misuse of surveillance tools for political purposes.


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