A recent cyber incident at software provider CDK Global has caused disruptions for almost 15,000 auto dealerships in the US and Canada, impacting clients like General Motors and Group 1 Automotive.


The incident occurred on June 19, affecting dealerships’ access to critical information and forcing some to rely on paper records. CDK initially restored some services but shut down systems again on June 20 due to an additional cyber incident [6]. Dealerships are currently unable to access their systems [6], impacting transactions, customer records [1], and appointments. The outage is expected to last several days [6], potentially affecting weekend sales [5]. Some dealerships have reported significant disruptions in managing customer appointments and information. CDK has not clarified the nature of the attack or if customer data was stolen. The specific details of the incident and system restoration remain unclear, with customer support teams currently unavailable [2].


The cyber incident at CDK Global has had significant impacts on auto dealerships, affecting their operations and customer service. It is crucial for CDK to work swiftly with third-party experts to assess the impact, restore services [2] [3] [6], and provide updates to customers [4] [5] [6]. Moving forward, it is essential for all organizations to prioritize cybersecurity measures to prevent future incidents and protect sensitive data.


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