Unified Data Strategy

Open data often exists in disparate types and locations; static files, live databases, remote sensors and web services. Our approach makes collating information from multiple sources in a central, access controlled database simple – IoT devices feed into a Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) via simple web drivers, secured using state of the art protocols.
nquiringminds believe in open source and as a result our products are highly flexible and inter-operable. End users can make use of complex visualisation and implement algorithmic logic for processing regardless of the platform they interact with the data on. Importing and management of data is all performed from a single interface, regardless of the form the data takes, simplifying the process of making use of collected data and allowing for bespoke visualisation and processing.

IOT Optimised Cryptography and Capability Based Permissions

In order to secure IOT devices we have developed an optimised PKI infrastructure that underwrites device and data authentication, this allows a highly configurable, token based access control system ensuring data is only accessible to authorised parties. To facilitate this nquiringminds have built a full cryptography stack that works across IP, DTLS and non-IP networks offering a flexible but secure solution.


In the nquiringminds IoT vision any device can be quickly set up to pass data into a ubiquitous framework for visualisation and processing. To achieve this vision we have used standardised open APIs that allow developers to integrate a diverse ecosystem of devices easily.

Application and Device Management

With large numbers of devices managing assets can become a complex challenge, particularly when those devices may have access to sensitive data. Data security and access control are at the centre of our platform, data access and application launching can be remotely controlled to give fine grained management options. Device management and permissions operate independent of the end user device – Phones, laptops and sensors are all managed with the same system.

Data Visualisation and Processing

Data is often unusable in its raw format, our system includes pre-made, user configurable libraries for creating complex data visualisations and algorithm based processing. The nquiringminds TDX can be set up to automatically process incoming IoT data feeds and produce dynamic output in the form of actuation or graphical representations.