Population and Infrastructure Modelling Suite

The nquiringmind’s Population Explorer is a scenario planning tool for modelling population growth and demographic change and the resulting impact on public service provision and costs in an area. Populations are modelled down to the lsoa level with the tool supporting custom user predictions of population and demographic change.

Expenditure predictions are provided across all standard line expenditures at district, county and unitary level.

Data Visualisation and Analysis

Visualisation tools enable big picture analysis of underlying data helping to inform the decision making process as well as providing information in a publicity friendly format.

Prediction and Comparison

Custom scenarios may be compared against ONS standard population predictions or other scenarios granting town planners insights into the best places for housing developments, new schools and other public infrastructure.

Additional features, such as revenue accounts, may be driven by any custom scenario allowing an integrated work flow between demographers and other departments.