Graduate Opportunities

nquiringminds are looking for graduating developers and engineers to work in a dynamic and challenging environment. We work at the forefront of several fields and our ability to invent, build on and adapt quickly to new technologies and changes in the marketplace make nquiringminds an exciting company to work with.

Applicants should be self-motivated and be capable of working either autonomously or as part of a team. Being a confident strong technologist is paramount. It is crucial to be able to pick up new skills quickly as well as switch contexts in a fast paced environment.

We offer competitive pay, commensurate with experience, and fantastic opportunities to work with cutting edge technologies in a fun and supportive environment.

Highly competitive graduate salary, commensurate with experience. Foreign travel opportunities and personal development programme. Friendly comfortable supportive working in a campus environment.

We are seeking applications from current and future graduates. Please send your CV and covering letter detailing when you are graduating to

Role description:

At nquiringminds you will help to develop applications and software for a variety of projects. These range from mobile applications focussing on a smooth user experience to highly optimised code for IoT devices. You should feel comfortable implementing mathematical, statistical functions and algorithms in code. At nquiringminds, we work in a fast paced environment with an expectation that you can work both as an individual and as part of a team to deliver high quality and reliable systems for both research and commercial projects.

Successful applicants will be able to research solutions independently, and learn new libraries/languages if necessary. nquiringminds works with universities such as Southampton and Oxford and Brunel Innovation Centre on a range of cutting edge research projects and encourages PhD and MSc applicants.

Basic requirements:

  • Computer science, engineering degree or self taught;
  • Evidence of programming skills (work experience, github account, open source, etc);
  • Passion for coding (participations in hackathons, olimpiads, etc);
  • Problem solving skills and fast learner.

Basic programming skills:

  • Javascript (node.js) – competent or
  • Python – competent or
  • C/C++ – competent or
  • Competent in any other programming language as long you can become competent in the above 3 languages in a short amount of time.

Software technologies:

  • Git or other version control experience – must have
  • React (native) – bonus;
  • Sql/Nosql databases – bonus;
  • Comfortable with Linux command line – bonus;

Bonus skills:

  • Experience developing AI and ML algorithms;
  • Experience developing radio communication protocols;
  • Experience developing code for embedded systems;
  • Experience developing Linux drivers for WiFi, Cellular or Satellite communication;
  • Experience with PCB design software;
  • Experience with network administration and configuration.


Gamma House, University of Southampton’s Science Park, Chilworth.

Example Projects:

  • Designing and programming LORA based sensor units;
  • Designing and programming Linux based hubs;
  • Developing user interface (dashboard) in React and Javascript;
  • Developing anomaly detection algorithms using ML/AI techniques (see;
  • Developing computer vision algorithms for additive manufacturing applications.

To apply please email a copy of your CV and a covering letter to