Date: 22nd June 2017
Time: 9:00 am  to  4:45 pm

The future of General Practice might look a little uncertain – growing skills gaps, workforce shortages, increasing financial burdens, an ever-expanding governance landscape, coupled with an aging population with increased patient and policy expectations; factors making for a sector under strain. These collective pressures are beginning to drive a fundamental transformation in what constitutes general practice and the delivery of a more sustainable service.
Nquiringminds will be attending the PMA Conference on Thursday 22 June 2017 and will be available to discuss two core products: CareFlow and CareShare, which offer solutions to challenges facing the care industry.
CareFlow: GP Workforce Planning – nquiringminds GP planning tools help GPs make better use of their staff resources. Using sophisticated modelling techniques estimates are made of both changes to consultation demand and GP staff capacity. Well researched and configurable staff substitution models, allow a GP to make better use of their wider workforces (nurses, physios, community navigators etc) and identify new more efficient models of patient consultation planning. An in-built matchmaking service helps GPs recruit for both short and long term staff positions. CareFlow is integrated with CareShare, allowing a GP to see a patient’s carer Community activity.
CareShare: Innovative HomeCare Delivery – The current model of Home Care delivery is unsustainable. CareShare is a new digital platform designed to create better efficiencies and community engagement. Using patient centric and controlled data sharing care information can be shared between paid for domiciliary care workers, charities and the local community: friends, family and neighbours. This allows for truly integrated care. In addition a micro-commissioning platform is provided to streamline and revolutionise the discovery and payment of home care workers. CareShare also allows telecare and health sensor, analysed data to be shared.