Innovation in Domiciliary Care
CareTeam is a community driven, technology platform for increasing the quality and cost efficiency of domiciliary care. Making use of social capital to tackle one of the most pertinent issues in our society today CareTeam is innovating to maintain and improve care standards against the reality of shrinking council budgets.
This project was developed to address the challenge of the care in society, bringing together local authorities and industry and has the potential to expand its approach to other challenges in society. Professor AbuBakr Bahaj

University of Southampton

In order to successfully disrupt the domiciliary care market CareTeam integrates aspects from the entirety of the care spectrum: Family and friends, charity and the local community as well as professional carers. This has been achieved with the use of a patient centric care management model that leverages an Uber-like platform for commissioning care, helping to engage social capital and reduce costs.
Integrating Social Capital with the Digital World
Engaging with the close family of those needing domiciliary care has been identified as a key goal for CareTeam, both to keep loved ones up to date with the needs and well being of their relative and to help them coordinate their time.
CareTeam utilises a “Care Stream”, based on the concept of a Facebook news feed, to bring together all the information about the care of the elderly person in one unified place. A carefully designed ui allows a carer to quickly assess the care being received and spot any problems as they develop.
The Care Stream can also integrate with IoT sensors by making use of nquiringminds’ InterLiNQ technology which offers secure, inter-operable sensors and analytics.