City NQR

Business Rates Optimisation and Fraud Detection

Business rates are a valuable source of income for councils across the UK as rates based capital is the foundation for the delivery of public services. nquiringminds have developed innovative data analysis and workflow management tools in collaboration with Belfast City Council that help council’s maximise their income and provide the best value for money possible to the tax payer.

we are innovating in big data and our ideas and analysis will help cities to look at their assets and infrastructure in a way that ensures their vibrancy and growth, bringing in the right revenue to balance the needs of the city with its prosperity. Attracting the right business to the right area and generating income and growth in jobs and business is at the heart of this big data challenge. We deal in complexity and ‘hard’ and are committed to innovating to get a great outcome for Belfast.

Nick Allott

CEO, NquiringMinds

This product was developed as part of an SBRI competition in partnership with the Department of Finance Land and Property Services (LPS) and Future Cities Catapult aiming ‘to encourage the development of a timely, accurate, cost effective and equitable solution which can be implemented to maximise business rate revenue for the city.”