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tdxFlyerThe Trusted Data Exchange (TDX) is a next generation database. Designed on a distributed peer to peer model it allows organisations and individuals to share and manage data efficiency and securely. The TDX is designed to interact with a broad range of data types, it is equally adept at handling IOT data streams, super large open data sets, and confidential enterprise data sets – it even handles media streams and binary attachments. Going beyond the traditional functions of a database, the TDX not only allows you to share raw data, but also allows the implementation of algorithmic data processes and data visualisations within the same shared, platform.
interlinqFlyerInterliNQ is NquiringMind’s secure middleware for IOT devices. It can be thought of as a virtual Operating System that has been designed to speed up the development of Internet of Things solutions. If you are developing new hardware, using InterliNQ allows you to develop your solution faster, provides very high security assurances, simplifies integration of new radios and sensors, and provides as whole suite of device management and edge processing functions.
cyberstoneFlyerNquiringMind’s BYOD solution provides secure integration for employee devices with enterprise information and technology assets.


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Future Cities Catapult Visit to China

As part of the Future Cities Catapult nquiringminds recently visited China in order to promote collaboration and innovation between UK and Chinese companies. CEO Nick Allot commented: nquiringminds were invited to attend the mission. Four regions of China in five...